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Hastings 1066 - The  Campaign

Report of a campaign based on the political situation in Europe 1066

Played by members of the German Club Zinnsoldaten Hessen (meaning Tin Soldiers of Hesse)

Report from Marco Petermann / Shortened Translation from Werner G. Elb


On Saturday the 28.05.05 the date for our long desired 1066 campaign had come. The following persons were present:

 Werner Elb (Harald Hadrada Sigurdason / Vikings), Klaus Hofrichter (Wilhelm of the Normandy / Normans) Ruediger Hofrichter (Otto / ast Franks), Rainer (Harold Godwinson /Anglo  - Saxons), Marco Petermann (Malcolm III/Scots).

 The play lasted from 11:00 clock to 23:00 clock. In this time we could play three years from 1066 to 1068) and  indeed 10! Battles.

 Here is an overview of the events.

  Campaign Map
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 Spring 1066: The  Anglo - Saxons  sails to Norway and suffer a defeat against the Vikings and their Frankish Allies at Gula. It is whispered that the Anglo Saxons army leader was killed from men  of his own rows, what decided the battle. Later the Vikings executed its counterstroke, landing in Hastings and defeating those Anglo - Saxons again. Between these battles a Scottish invasion of Normandy failed, when the Scots were defeated in Bayeux.



Figures of
Marco Petermann

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Summer 1066: The English king, facing the advancing Norwegians, cowardly submits to the Normans. When the Vikings then advance towards London, they are beaten with help of the Normans. Edinburgh is besieged and taken by Franks.  

Autumn 1066: Cardiff is besieged unsuccessfully by the Normans. Franks lay Siege to Scone without success. 

Spring 1067: Storms whip the sea up, drowning a large part of the normannic  troops. Nevertheless they succeed in taking Hastings. Franks triumph over the Anglo Saxons.


Figures of
Ruediger Hofrichter


Summer 1067: The Vikings take Boulogne. 


Figures of
Werner G. Elb

Autumn 1067: Cardiff is conquered after siege by the Normans. Scots fight the Franks  and carry the victory off. They follow the fleeing Franks to Edinburgh and strike them again.

Spring 1068: Ignoring the Frankish danger in their back, the Scottish fleet sails to Norway and defeats there the Vikings at Frosta in a destroying battle.


Figures of
Marco Petermann


 Summer 1068: Franks besieges unsuccessfully Scone. The Normans are not able to conquer Gula. However Paris is conquered through the Anglo Saxons, subject the Franks. The Scots follow  the Vikings and defeat their weakened army with Oslo. Thus the Norwegians are subjected.

 Autumn 1068: Gula is taken by the Normans. Scottish Scone is taken by Franks. The short triumphant advance of the Scots stops. The Norwegians can proclaim their independence.

 After three years of battles the Normans controls far parts of West and Northern Europe.  The Scots are Vasalls of Franks, which are Vasalls of the Anglo- Saxons, which areVasall of the Normans. The only who retains their independence are the Norwegian Vikings.